Modified Asphalt

Plastic deformations (such as corrugation, formation of treads, fatigue) from the main types of degradation seen in the superstructure coatings in our country create big problems in terms of traffic safety and also because of the increased cost of repair.

ISFALT produces modified asphalt with the aim of solving such problems experienced in Istanbul. Some of the ways that ISFALT’s modified asphalt application are: E-5 highway between Okmeydanı-Haliç, Piyalepaşa, Kasımpaşa Bahariye Caddesi, Fatih Atatürk Caddesi, Bayrampaşa Otogar-Metris, Arnavutköy double road, Altunizade Mahir İz Caddesi and Altunizade Kavşağı-Harem Kadıköy Cross between the roads of Göztepe.

Purposes of Modification:

The most obvious types of degradation seen in hot mix applications in superstructure coatings are:
– Fatigue cracks
– Thermal cracks
– Wheel mark formation
– Other permanent plastic deformations.

The major causes of such deterioration are the repeated heavy traffic loads on the roads, the large changes in climate conditions during the year, the fact that regional climate differences are not considered much in Bituminous Hot Mix designs and binder type selection, and the mix characteristics are not adequate.

Modification made in order to avoid such deterioration in road superstructure; There are two different types of mixes, modified and bitumen modified. Very different products are used for this purpose.