Mortar Type Coatings

Mortar mixes are a mixture of finely divided aggregate, mineral filler (if required), asphalt emulsion and water, which is applied as a surface treatment to a coating and is used for both protective and corrective maintenance of asphalt coating surfaces. Any coating that shows structural weaknesses in local areas should be repaired prior to application. All wheel tracks, bumps, seats, low benches, transverse tilting defects, corrugations or other superficial problems that may degrade driving quality should be corrected prior to application.

When applied correctly on an old coating surface, mortar coatings provide very effective results. Making the overlay at the right time helps to reduce surface irregularities caused by oxidation of the asphalt and brittleness of the mixture.

Mortar type coatings insulate surface cracks, stop the disassembly and matrix loss, provide an impermeable surface against water and air, and increase braking safety with high shear resistance.